CSS Plus WordPress Plugin

The CSS Plus adds a css editor field when you are editing a new post. The content is compressed and inserted in the page header allowing each page to have its own css code. With CSS Plus each template page have more possibilities with it’s increased editing power.

Check some of the features:

Simple visual

Small details can make all the difference. Therefore the layout is simple, and easy to use. The dark colors in the background highlights the content, and the color coding help you do not get lost.

Inline less

Inline styles can be very hard to decode. Furthermore if you have lots of styles, it can get tricky to make edits. CSS Plus resolve this with inline less.

Compressed content

Indenting the css code can make it significantly big if you have lots of styles. To resolve this you can compress the code to make it smaller. Don’t worry, CSS Plus can automatically do that for you.

Easy installation

No setup screens. Not many buttons in the editor. Just install and use it directly in the editor screen.

Many possibilities

Don’t be hostage of template pages. Open a door of possibilities with CSS Plus Plugin


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