How to use Sublime Text bindings in CSS Plus

The new feature of CSS Plus plugin is the support to Sublime Text bindings. What is it? Sublime Text it’s a famous code editor with many resources to facilitate writing code. We implement the same resources in our simple CSS editor.

Follow the bindings:

“Ctrl-Left” = go Subword Left,
“Ctrl-Right” = go Subword Right,
“Cmd-Left” = go Line Start Smart,
“Ctrl-Alt-Up” = scroll Line Up,
“Ctrl-Alt-Down” = scroll Line Down,
“Shift-Cmd-L” = split Selection By Line,
“Shift-Tab” = indent Less,
“Esc” = single Selection Top,
“Cmd-L” = select Line,
“Shift-Ctrl-K” = delete Line,
“Cmd-Enter” = insert Line After,
“Shift-Cmd-Enter” = insert Line Before,
“Cmd-D” = select Next Occurrence,
“Shift-Cmd-Space” = select Scope,
“Shift-Cmd-M” = select Between Brackets,
“Cmd-M” = go To Bracket,
“Cmd-Ctrl-Up” = swap Line Up,
“Cmd-Ctrl-Down” = swap Line Down,
“Cmd-/” = toggle Comment Indented,
“Cmd-J” = join Lines,
“Shift-Cmd-D” = duplicate Line,
“F9” = sort Lines,
“Cmd-F9” = sort Lines Insensitive,
“F2” = next Bookmark,
“Shift-F2” = prev Bookmark,
“Cmd-F2” = toggle Bookmark,
“Shift-Cmd-F2” = clear Bookmarks,
“Alt-F2” = select Bookmarks,
“Alt-Q” = wrap Lines,
“Cmd-K Cmd-Backspace” = del Line Left,
“Backspace” = smart Backspace,
“Cmd-K Cmd-K” = del Line Right,
“Cmd-K Cmd-U” = upcase At Cursor,
“Cmd-K Cmd-L” = downcase At Cursor,
“Cmd-K Cmd-Space” = set Sublime Mark,
“Cmd-K Cmd-A” = select To Sublime Mark,
“Cmd-K Cmd-W” = delete To Sublime Mark,
“Cmd-K Cmd-X” = swap With Sublime Mark,
“Cmd-K Cmd-Y” = sublime Yank,
“Cmd-K Cmd-G” = clear Bookmarks,
“Cmd-K Cmd-C” = show In Center,
“Shift-Ctrl-Up” = select Lines Upward,
“Shift-Ctrl-Down” = select Lines Downward,
“Cmd-F3” = find Under,
“Shift-Cmd-F3” = find Under Previous,
“Shift-Cmd-[“ = fold,
“Shift-Cmd-]” = unfold,
“Cmd-K Cmd-J” = unfold All,
“Cmd-K Cmd-0” = unfold All,
“Cmd-H” = replace,


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