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How to use Sublime Text bindings in CSS Plus

The new feature of CSS Plus plugin is the support to Sublime Text bindings. What is it? Sublime Text it’s a famous code editor with many resources to facilitate writing code. We implement the same resources in our simple CSS editor.

Follow the bindings: (more…)


Configuring automatic updates for your CSS Plus


Since WordPress 3.7 automatic backgrounds updates are available, for themes, plugins, translations and core. CSS Plus have any minor updates,¬†such as maintenance and security releases. We¬†recommend you apply these updates. (more…)

CSS Plus new start


After 2 years, I decided continue with CSS Plus WordPress Plugin Support. SCSS support is a feature that I want developer, and eventual bugs will be fixed.

Thank you, and if you want help me make this plugin better or more accessible, talk to me in comments.

CSS Plus WordPress Plugin

The CSS Plus adds a css editor field when you are editing a new post. The content is compressed and inserted in the page header allowing each page to have its own css code. With CSS Plus each template page have more possibilities with it’s increased editing power. (more…)